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Upgrade your speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills, with advanced robot intelligence.

  • Automated scoring
  • For self-study and blended classrooms

Value for money 

The best way to learn English is by expressing yourself in English. Don't waste your time or your money on pointless exercises.  A small investment is all it takes.

Learn to speak by speaking. Learn to write by writing. Learn to communicate by communicating. Learn faster, smarter, better. Try Robot English Teacher today.

Helpful feedback

An intelligent AI system  doesn't just generate a fake score to make you happy. An intelligent system tells you what you did right and what you still need to learn. 

The Robot English Teacher checks your fluency, your clarity, your grammar, your pronunciation, and your word choice. Each lesson focusses on your goals. You will see!  Try your first course today.

Learn to communicate

You can try to pass the test by memorizing high-level words, or you can really improve your English by learning to communicate clearly and effectively. 

The Robot English Teacher will show you how to speak and write. Then our genius automated evaluation system will tell you what you need to do to improve. It's easy! Try it today.


Check out these courses

Real conversations with real people

Where can students find authentic English language conversations? World Chat Live! Join a group and your teacher will match you up with a partner to talk to using specially designed videoconferencing tools. Is it safe? Yes! all partners are checked beforehand and all conversations are recorded.  

Of course, you will want a course to prepare you for the authentic conversations with your partner, right? Robot English Teacher can help with that. Take one of our step-by-step self-study courses or join a course taught by your classroom teacher. It's easy.

Pay less, learn more

Robot English Teacher and World Chat Live are good friends. We have teamed up together to offer online English courses bundled with authentic conversations at very friendly prices. 

When you buy a World Chat companion course bundle, you pay once and save big. Click the "Courses" button to see our selection of self-study courses. Prices vary.

Great projects for busy teachers

Simplify your job. Your lesson preparation and grading are already done. Lessons are ready to deploy with a click. Your students will be motivated to engage in successful conversations with their WorldChat  partner. Let them talk.

Our WorldChat project course bundles automatically calculate a score in the gradebook, so it is easy to add a WorldChat project as an addon to an existing course. 

Teachers should contact us with a course bundle request, and we will build your course. You can customize the course to your needs. Once you are ready to go live, invite your students to pay using the PayPal button. Affiliates are welcome.


Get ready for a career

Prepare your cover letter, LinkedIn profile, video CV pitch, and learn interviewing skills with well-crafted answers to common questions. Learn workplace vocabulary and storytelling skills to build and maintain workplace relationships with confidence.